Choose Sedona horse property near a national park.Sedona is an ideal location for people who love being outdoors. There are so many fun things to do--take a hike, go mountain biking, or horseback riding. While there are stables where riders can board horses or pay to take a trail ride, you can also search for Sedona horse property. It’s amazing how many beautiful homes with full facilities for horses there are. You’ll find enough space for horses to be turned out every day for exercise, as well as fully built stables. Some stables also have a finished sitting room where owners can relax and enjoy a glass of water or cup of tea and a snack after riding.

Because so much Sedona real estate is outside of the city, you can find Sedona horse property that borders one of the national parks, too. Imagine being able to saddle up and go for a trail ride through the amazingly beautiful red rock formations any time you’d like.

Sedona Real Estate Owners Go Horseback Riding and Hiking at Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State Park is a great choice for people who want to be near a national forest and also want to ride horses. There are a couple of equestrian trails in the park. The east entrance will lead riders to the Turkey Creek Trail. The out-and-back trail is just under six miles long. It’s fairly flat, except for the end. The views at the end of the trail are spectacular. At the park’s main entrance, you’ll find Lime Kiln Trail. It is also an out-and-back trail and is 18 miles long. Lime Kiln Trail is also considered moderately difficult. Those who enjoy wildlife and wildflowers will love it. Red Rock State Park has a hitching post at the visitors center. You can bring a picnic and eat at one of the tables nearby or check out the exhibits in the visitors center.

Visit Red Rock State Park to find out more about the trails and learn about upcoming events.

Find a current list of horse properties by clicking here. Click here to find property bordering national forest land.