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July 29, 2020

Explore Historic Camp Verde Real Estate at Fort Verde State Park

Visit historic Camp Verde real estate.Like many Sedona area communities, Camp Verde real estate has a rich history and lots to explore. Fort Verde State Historic Park is located here. The military maintained a presence in the area from 1865 to 1891, and Fort Verde was an active posting from 1871 to 1891. Fort Verde became a state park in 1970. Today, it’s a fascinating place to visit, with lots of artifacts, photos, and interpretive materials. Living history events are regularly scheduled, too.

Learn About the Military Installation that Made Camp Verde Home

Plan to start your visit at the Military Headquarters, which is now a museum. In addition to the infantry soldiers and cavalry, many other people lived in and around the fort. These included the Yavapai and Apache peoples, white settlers, Indian scouts, doctors and surgeons. The museum has artifacts from all these groups, showing how they lived. You’ll find a collection of photographs and interpretive videos, too, to give a fuller picture and better understanding of the history of the fort and those who lived here. Be sure to explore the three different house museums, too. See the commanding officers’ quarters, bachelors’ quarters, and the doctors and surgeons’ quarters. All three are authentically furnished with period pieces.

For those fascinated by Indian scouts, the Visitor Center and Park Store has more displays, photos and videos about them. The Visitor Center is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. everyday except Christmas. At the store, you’ll find books, postcards, and gift items available for purchase.

When you’ve explored the museum and Visitor Center, check out the grounds. Bring along a picnic to enjoy at one of the picnic tables. There is a large ramada to rent, where you can throw a party for the history lovers in your life.

Visit Fort Verde State Historic Park online to learn more. Check out Camp Verde real estate currently for sale.  


July 27, 2020

Great Food Awaits Near Back O Beyond Ranch Homes at The Hudson

People from Back O Beyond Ranch homes go to The Hudson.Whether you’re checking out Back O Beyond Ranch homes or have been settled in one for a while, one of the best and closest places to get a bite to eat is The Hudson. The upscale yet casual eatery is about three miles away, less than 10 minutes by car. This is one of the cool things about living in Back O Beyond Ranch. There’s a great sense of privacy and quiet, with custom-built houses on large lots. It’s easy to feel like you are in the “back of beyond”. However, civilization and its delights are just a few minutes away, so you get to have the best of both worlds. 

When you’re ready for a break from the country, head to The Hudson of a taste of cultivated elegance. The restaurant is a newer addition to the area, having been founded in 2015. The menu focuses on American staples made with the freshest ingredients. The chef adds his own special touches for an elevated dining experience.

Sedona Real Estate Owners Stop in for Lunch or Dinner

The Hudson is open for lunch and dinner. The deck is nice and shady and provides a panoramic view of Sedona real estate, from the lights of the city center to the fabulous red rocks further out. If you come in for lunch, be sure to check out the lunch specials. Each one is served with your choice of mango slaw or french fries. Options include the chicken quesadilla, steak caesar pita, or crispy chicken club wrap.

For those looking for a more filling meal should take a look at the starters. Have a bowl of Chef Jeff’s famous corn chowder. Sample the four cheese spinach and roasted artichoke dip, served on warm tortilla chips. For great south of the border flavors, have the Chapos Baja shrimp ceviche. If you’re in the mood for a burger, try the Hudson mushroom burger. The patty is made with ground beef and Portobello mushrooms, served on a bolillo bun and piled with arugula, jalapeno bacon, onion strings, truffled gouda cheese, and garlic aioli. Get a group of friends from Back O Beyond Ranch homes together for a meal out or order in.

Visit The Hudson online to see the full menu and make reservations. 


July 22, 2020

Find Sedona Horse Property Bordering National Forest Land

Choose Sedona horse property near a national park.Sedona is an ideal location for people who love being outdoors. There are so many fun things to do--take a hike, go mountain biking, or horseback riding. While there are stables where riders can board horses or pay to take a trail ride, you can also search for Sedona horse property. It’s amazing how many beautiful homes with full facilities for horses there are. You’ll find enough space for horses to be turned out every day for exercise, as well as fully built stables. Some stables also have a finished sitting room where owners can relax and enjoy a glass of water or cup of tea and a snack after riding.

Because so much Sedona real estate is outside of the city, you can find Sedona horse property that borders one of the national parks, too. Imagine being able to saddle up and go for a trail ride through the amazingly beautiful red rock formations any time you’d like.

Sedona Real Estate Owners Go Horseback Riding and Hiking at Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State Park is a great choice for people who want to be near a national forest and also want to ride horses. There are a couple of equestrian trails in the park. The east entrance will lead riders to the Turkey Creek Trail. The out-and-back trail is just under six miles long. It’s fairly flat, except for the end. The views at the end of the trail are spectacular. At the park’s main entrance, you’ll find Lime Kiln Trail. It is also an out-and-back trail and is 18 miles long. Lime Kiln Trail is also considered moderately difficult. Those who enjoy wildlife and wildflowers will love it. Red Rock State Park has a hitching post at the visitors center. You can bring a picnic and eat at one of the tables nearby or check out the exhibits in the visitors center.

Visit Red Rock State Park to find out more about the trails and learn about upcoming events.

Find a current list of horse properties by clicking here. Click here to find property bordering national forest land.

July 20, 2020

Loving Sedona Homes Bordering National Forest Land? Check out Slide Rock State Park!

People from Sedona homes bordering national forest go hiking.People searching for Sedona homes bordering national forest will want to know more about the different possibilities offered by each park. Slide Rock State Park is located about seven miles north of the center of Sedona. This is one of the cool things about Sedona real estate. You don’t have to give up on civilization entirely if you want to live a more rural lifestyle. Just hop in the car, and within 15 minutes, you’re surrounded by amazing restaurants, fine art, culture, shopping, and world-class medical care.

Visit the Pendley Homestead, Fascinating Historic Sedona Real Estate

Slide Rock State Park is on the site of the homestead of Frank Pendley. He arrived in the early 1900s and developed an innovative irrigation system that allowed him to grow an apple orchard. In the 1930s, Pendley built cabins to rent to tourists who came to enjoy the beautiful scenery and explore the area. In 1985, the Arizona Parklands Foundation purchased the Pendley homestead and developed it into a state park.

Today, Slide Rock State Park is popular with tourists and locals alike. In the summer, visitors enjoy sliding down the natural water slides, which give the park its name. Get your swimsuit on, pack an inner tube if you want, and enjoy the excitement of the slippery ride. Shoes are recommended to allow visitors better traction. The summer weather is very hot, so be sure to bring plenty of water. There are no lifeguards, so keep an eagle eye on children and use common sense.

Visitors can also see the Pendley Homestead and historic farm implements. An outdoor gazebo has more information on the house and its development. The apple orchard is still standing, too. The park’s nature trails are fairly short and easy, making them popular with families. Trout is stocked in Oak Creek, upstream of Slide Rock, so anglers can try their luck catching rainbow and brown trout. For people interested in living in Sedona homes bordering national forest, Slide Rock State Park is a treasure.

Visit the park’s website to learn more about activities offered and rules for visitors. Click here to find the most up to date list of homes bordering national forest land. 


July 15, 2020

Be Heat Safe and Fire Safe at Your Sedona Home This Summer

Sedona home owners are heat safe.Sedona is a fun place to explore in summertime. There are tons of interesting places to hike near any Sedona home. Many different creatures come out in the early morning or at dusk. Nature lovers who own Sedona real estate can sit on their patio, sip a cup of tea or glass of wine, and observe jack rabbits, birds, lizards, and other creatures. Camping is another popular activity. And of course, there’s the tradition of making s’mores around the campfire after dinner.

Sedona Real Estate Owners Take Extra Water When Hiking in the Heat

Because Sedona is in the desert, people have to be mindful when they are out and about. The Sedona Fire Department reminds hikers to take appropriate precautions to avoid heat stroke or heat exhaustion. When you’re active outdoors in the heat, be sure to take plenty of water for everyone in the group. Kids and the elderly have to be especially careful. Wear lightweight clothing and a hat. Fabrics that wick sweat are recommended. If you start to feel light headed or nauseated, get to a cool place as quickly as possible. Hiking in the early morning or at dusk is the best time, since the temperatures are lower.

When the weather heats up, winds rise, and everything is very dry, we have to take extra precautions to prevent wildfires. One of the best things you can do is to clear brush around your Sedona home. Having a clear perimeter of 15 feet will help keep your house safe. If you are camping, be sure to follow all instructions about campfires. Always have a bucket of water ready to douse the flames. Be sure the fire is out completely when you are done.

Follow the Sedona Fire District on Facebook to keep up with recommended precautions, to get safety tips, and to learn about the history of the hard working men and women who keep us all safe. 


July 13, 2020

Sedona Property Taxes

Sedona sits in two counties.  Yavapai and Coconino.  County seats are Prescott and Flagstaff respectfully.  In Sedona, the areas of West Sedona, Village of Oak Creek and Big Park are in Yavapai.  Uptown, Little Horse Park (Chapel Area) are in Coconino County.

The rest of the Verde Valley is in Yavapai County.  Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Cornville, Camp Verde, Rimrock.

2020 State Sales Tax: 
You’ll notice a disparity between the two sales tax rates.  In Arizona, the cities generate revenue by sales tax.  Since the Village of Oak Creek and Big Park are unincorporated in the County, they do not have any city sales taxes.

Zip code 86336, City of Sedona 9.85% combined  (State 5.6%, County 0.75%, City 3.5%)
Zip code 86351, Village of Oak Creek & Big Park 6.35% combined (State 5.6%, County 0.75%)

Property Taxes
We generally tell people to plan around a  1% of value.  Other factors can come into play besides just the tax rate, like the Sedona Fire District.

Property tax is at the FCV or full cash value assessment.  If the property is your primary residence however you would pay the lower LPV or lower property value. A percentage cap is also in place so that your taxes can't be raised to much in one year.  I'm not sure what it is , but it's low.

Yavapai County Property Taxes Average tax rate is 0.727% of assessed value.  Call the assessors office for more information. (928) 639-8121 | Link to Yavapai GIS Tax Info

Coconino County Property Taxes:  Average tax rate is 0.645% of assessed value. Call the assessors office for more information. (928) 679-7962 | Link to Coconino GIS Tax Info

Further Resources:  Arizona Tax Website

Please don't hesitate to call if we can answer any questions.

July 13, 2020

Why Sedona Homes for Sale Are In Demand Now

Now is a good time for Sedona homes for sale.With so much bad news amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the real estate industry has been a surprising bright spot. During the initial weeks of lockdown and uncertainty, both buyers and sellers withdrew from the market across the country. However, since May, there have been more Sedona homes for sale and more buyers looking for them. Interestingly, it’s the Millennial generation--those born between 1981 and 1997--who are making up the biggest share of home buyers.

It’s a Great Time to Buy or Sell Sedona Real Estate

Several factors are at work in creating a robust re-emerging Sedona real estate market. First of all, because of the mortgage forbearance program rolled out at the beginning of the shutdown, we have not seen a surge in foreclosures. This means that prices have not taken a big hit. In fact, home prices are seeing modest increases in comparison to 2019.

Secondly, many people who wanted to move in March or April put off their plans until restrictions were lifted. This means they’ve been stuck in a house they already wanted to leave for several months. Both buyers and sellers are very motivated.

While many people put their moving plans on hold, not everyone did. The real estate industry was very fast to respond to the changing environment. Many agents, our team included, put up virtual tours of Sedona homes for sale. We offered and continue to offer virtual meetings over Skype, FaceTime, and Duo. We already have a website with many tools for home buyers to find just the right house. We also do lots of online marketing for our home sellers.

Home prices have stayed steady or increased, but mortgage rates are down. This is very enticing to buyers. For lots of buyers, it makes sense to lock in a low rate. In addition, the economic impact of the coronavirus has been uneven. People who could do their jobs online have been least affected by layoffs. Some companies are considering allowing remote work for the long-term, so people are able to move wherever they want.

Our office is open and ready to help you buy or sell a house in Sedona. We are set up to do both virtual and in-person meetings. Give us a call so we can get started! 


July 6, 2020

Sedona Real Estate Owners Discover Art, Culture, and Dining at Tlaquepaque

Sedona real estate owners go to Tlaquepaque.One of the major attractions for people shopping Sedona real estate is the amazing arts and culture in the city, as well as delightful events and lots of fine restaurants. If you’re looking for a place to relax that combines all these things, head to Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village. Though it was built in the 1970s, it has the atmosphere of an old world town square. The tall, shady trees and chuckling fountain create a true oasis in the desert. Wander along the cobblestone pathways and through the arched doorways to discover artists working on their latest creations, musicians playing live, and fabulous restaurants.

Find Unique Decor for Your Sedona Home

Once you’ve found the perfect Sedona home, you can find beautiful art and hand-made furniture to decorate with at Tlaquepaque. You’ll be able to discover gorgeous, ethically-made rugs, rustic tables, and artistic lamps, to name just a few. Find paintings, sculpture, and blown glass items to be the focal point of a room. Several shops also carry fine artisan-made jewelry and clothing. You’ll even find items for the kitchen, like wine, special spice blends, and beautiful cookware. Finally, discover toys, rare books, and records.

Tlaquepaque is the perfect place to meet up with friends for lunch or go on a date with your special someone. Satisfy a sweet tooth with a visit to Cream for a scoop of home-made ice cream or a slice of cake. How Sweet It Is in Sedona offers a variety of sweets and cookies to enjoy in the shop or take home. If you want a full meal, try El Rincon Mexican Restaurante. They serve up fine Arizona style Mexican food, as well as fabulous margaritas. Oak Creek Brewery and Grill offers amazing local beer, along with European-style main dishes.

Visit Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village to find a full list of shops, restaurants, and galleries. You can also see the current calendar of events. It’s centrally located, so it’s convenient for any Sedona real estate. Those who choose to live in West Sedona or in ZIP code 86336 will be closest to this Sedona landmark. 


July 1, 2020

Search Sedona 86336 Homes to Discover Your Dream Home

Enjoy life near Sedona 86336 homes.The city of Sedona has so much going on. The center of the city is abuzz with great restaurants, fine art galleries, and funky boutiques. Further out, there are the gorgeous red rock formations that are one of the most famous landmarks of the city. If you’re looking for a house in prestigious West Sedona, be sure to check out Sedona 86336 homes. This ZIP code covers a wide variety of Sedona real estate. Discover elegant custom built estates, as well as low-maintenance condos. There are comfortable single-family homes with big yards. If you want red rock views, that’s no problem. Refine your search to find properties with a pool, room for horses, or a guest casita. Some homes are in planned communities with amenities like a pool, hot tub, tennis courts, and fitness center.

Investors should carefully investigate the bylaws of homeowners association and find out the rules around short-term rentals. Many prohibit them and have a requirement that leases last at least six months. Full-time residents often appreciate these regulations and see them as preserving the character of the community.

Sedona Real Estate Shoppers Will Love the Art Galleries and Hiking Opportunities

One of the big draws of Sedona 86336 homes is the fact that they are close to the shopping available along Highway 89A and Highway 179. Drop in to Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village and explore the quaint, cobblestone market. There are lots of shops exhibiting the work of local artists, with an emphasis on Southwest style art. Discover amazing clothing and jewelry shops, too. If you get hungry during your visit, step into one of the many excellent eateries. Grab a quick snack, cup of coffee, or dessert. Or sit down to an elegant meal.

This area of Sedona is a good place for hiking and exploring the outdoors. Head to Airport Mesa for a looped hiking trail. Slide Rock State Park is another great spot for camping and hiking. Visitors can also visit the Frank L. Pendley homestead.

Click here to see all available homes in the 86336 ZIP code. You can refine the search for many features as well.


June 29, 2020

Find Everything You Want in Sedona 86351 Homes

Search Sedona 86351 homes.The city of Sedona has many distinct neighborhoods. One of the nicest is the Village of Oak Creek, which is where you’ll find Sedona 86351 homes. The community is primarily residential, and you’ll find a variety of beautiful Sedona real estate. There is both brand-new and older construction. Find lovely southwest-style architecture, as well as more contemporary or mid-century modern styles. There are quaint and cozy single-family homes with lots of upgrades like tile floors, stainless steel appliances, and tranquil master suites. Discover low-maintenance townhouses and condos with community amenities like a swimming pool and tennis courts.

If you’re on the market for a luxury property, Sedona 96351 homes offer many choices. Take our pick from million-dollar mansions with all the extras you could dream of. These homes may have a swimming pool and hot tub, guest casita, facilities for horses, or an extra large garage to store an RV. Inside, you might find a dedicated media room, a wet bar, wine storage refrigerator, and an open floor plan ideal for entertaining.

Many of the homes at every price point in the Village of Oak Creek will have incredible red rock views.

Choose Sedona Real Estate near the Village of Oak Creek for a Quiet Community

The Village of Oak Creek is made up of several subdivisions and is governed by a homeowners association. If you want to use your property for short-term rentals, be sure to check the covenants carefully, since most will not allow rentals of less than six months length. Some of the houses in ZIP code 86351 are not part of the association. Be sure to discuss your rental plans with your real estate agent, so they can steer you toward the right house.

There’s so much to do in this part of Sedona. There are two country clubs--Oak Creek Country Club and Canyon Mesa Country Club. Head to Red Rock State Park for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Highway 179 has lots of great shops and restaurants. Sedona is only a seven-mile drive away, too.

Start your search by clicking on 86351 in the ZIP code search. You can refine the search by other criteria as well.