Clarkdale real estate owners visit Tuzigoot National Monument.People looking for budget options in the Sedona area often check out Clarkdale real estate. Clarkdale is a wonderful little town with a close-knit feel, around 23 miles southeast of Sedona. Like its larger neighbor, Clarkdale has a thriving arts scene and amazing natural scenery.

A popular place to visit close to Clarkdale homes is Tuzigoot National Monument. Visitors will learn a lot about life for the Sinagua people who lived here 1,000 years ago. They left behind a well-preserved pueblo, which visitors can hike to. Find out about the daily life of the Sinagua people, as well as their wide trading range, for both agricultural and artisan goods. Signs are posted along the pathway, which leads to the 110-room pueblo. The loop is only a third of a mile long, so it’s perfect for kids. You can also take in gorgeous views of the Verde River and Tavasci Marsh. Follow another easy half mile loop and discover a perfect spot overlooking the marsh.

The on-site museum has many interesting artifacts. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the museum and visitors center are either closed or have limited opening hours. There are still friendly rangers on site who are happy to answer questions.

Families in Clarkdale Homes Learn About the Park Online

Be sure to visit Tuzigoot National Monument online. You can download and print the junior ranger activities at your Clarkdale real estate before your visit. This is a fun way for kids of all ages (and adults, too!) to learn about the park. Once you finish the activities, you can turn the booklet in to one of the rangers and receive an official junior ranger badge and certificate.

Don’t miss the virtual tours of the pueblo, Tavasci Marsh, and the beautiful wildflowers that bloom in the spring. Visit the park’s Facebook page to find some great videos created by park rangers. Each episode focuses on a different theme--from plants and animals to archeology to becoming a ranger.