Visit the artists who call Sedona home.One of the cool things about living in Sedona is the vibrant arts culture in the area. There are a huge number of artists who call Sedona home and have studios around town. Many Sedona real estate owners are excited to decorate with the work of local artists. With so many artists working in such a variety of media, you can find paintings, photography, and mixed media pieces. You can also find jewelry, textiles, stunning furniture, and artistic glass goblets, bowls and platters.

Of course, with such a large community of artists, you can drop into one of the many galleries around Sedona and pick out a piece for your home. However, it’s a little impersonal. There’s nothing like getting to meet the artists behind your favorite works. It’s also fascinating to watch them work.

Sedona Real Estate Owners Learn About the Artists and Their Work

Art lovers who make Sedona home will have exactly that opportunity during the Spring Open Studios Tour. The event will run April 23rd through 25th. There is a lot of excitement for the event, since the 2020 spring and summer studio tours were both cancelled due to safety concerns around the coronavirus. This is the 17th year of the studio tour, and over 40 artists will be participating. The studios are located in Sedona, Cornville, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, and Clarkdale. The event is free, and attendees can come up with their own itinerary, as the tour is self-guided.

Anyone interested in learning about the participating artists can visit Sedona Visual Artists Coalition website. Find a list of artists, an example of their work, and their studio address. You can also find links to artists’ websites to find out more about their work and process. Check out the SVAC Facebook page to read short interviews with several artists. Scroll down to find a link to an article with more details about the tour on the Chamber of Commerce website.