Learn about disinfecting Sedona short term rentals.We get lots of buyers who are interested in turning their property into Sedona short term rentals. It’s easy to see why. Arizona has very friendly laws for these kinds of rentals, and Sedona is a gorgeous place that attracts lots of visitors. Many people are discovering that it’s more fun to stay in a guest casita than in a hotel.

As Arizona opens up more and more, landlords have to be very careful about cleaning and sanitizing their Sedona homes in between renters. Having a documented routine can make your rental seem more attractive. Do be careful about what you claim on your website or online profile. Language about “reducing risk” is good, while making guarantees is very unwise. Some platforms have their own rules and guidelines about what language you can use, too.

How to Sanitize Sedona Homes Between Renters

First of all, recognize the difference between cleaning and sanitizing. Cleaning gets rid of dirt. Sanitizing gets rid of germs and bacteria. There is overlap, but sanitizing is more involved and requires different methods and products.

Before you start cleaning, Sedona short term rentals should be aired out. Open windows and turn on fans. Wash your hands for the recommended 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content. Wear protective gear like a face mask, gloves, and an apron or gown while you clean.

You’re going to do a regular cleaning, then sanitize the space. Most experts agree that a cleaning solution with bleach or 70% alcohol is effective against coronavirus. Pay attention to high-touch surfaces. Door knobs, light switches and other on/off switches, countertops, faucets, and remote controls deserve special care.

Wash and dry linens on the hottest setting you can. Covering furniture with slipcovers is a good idea anyway. If you have slipcovers, you should wash them between guests, too. Make sure to sanitize the laundry baskets as well. Empty the vacuum cleaner between cleanings.

Guests appreciate being able to sanitize during their stay, too. Leave disinfecting wipes or other products for them to use. Post instructions for disinfecting so they can follow proper procedures.