Sedona Real Estate News - National Home Prices UpSedona home prices are on the rise as well.  An increased demand for homes was expected this year. Consumer confidence in real estate is up as well.  Add in an increase in interest rates that may rise again will get many off the fence and into the real estate market.  As consumers feel more confident in the economy and jobs, they will be willing to take on more debt.

Airbnb has also had an effect on the market.  We are finding a demand for homes that are not in a home owners association (HOA).  SB1350, a recent Arizona, prohibits governments from restricting short term rentals. An HOA however can restrict short term rentals.  Our HOA voted recently to prohibit rentals of less than 30 days. Be sure to let us know if you are planning to purchase a Sedona home and then use it for a vacation rental.  When I hear visitors call Sedona the next Jackson Hole WY, I know prices are going up.

Now may be the last chance to get a Sedona home or real estate at a historically low price.  Time to make the decision if Sedona Arizona is the place for you.