Sedona sits in two counties.  Yavapai and Coconino.  County seats are Prescott and Flagstaff respectfully.  In Sedona, the areas of West Sedona, Village of Oak Creek and Big Park are in Yavapai.  Uptown, Little Horse Park (Chapel Area) are in Coconino County.

The rest of the Verde Valley is in Yavapai County.  Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Cornville, Camp Verde, Rimrock.

2020 State Sales Tax: 
You’ll notice a disparity between the two sales tax rates.  In Arizona, the cities generate revenue by sales tax.  Since the Village of Oak Creek and Big Park are unincorporated in the County, they do not have any city sales taxes.

Zip code 86336, City of Sedona 9.85% combined  (State 5.6%, County 0.75%, City 3.5%)
Zip code 86351, Village of Oak Creek & Big Park 6.35% combined (State 5.6%, County 0.75%)

Property Taxes
We generally tell people to plan around a  1% of value.  Other factors can come into play besides just the tax rate, like the Sedona Fire District.

Property tax is at the FCV or full cash value assessment.  If the property is your primary residence however you would pay the lower LPV or lower property value. A percentage cap is also in place so that your taxes can't be raised to much in one year.  I'm not sure what it is , but it's low.

Yavapai County Property Taxes Average tax rate is 0.727% of assessed value.  Call the assessors office for more information. (928) 639-8121 | Link to Yavapai GIS Tax Info

Coconino County Property Taxes:  Average tax rate is 0.645% of assessed value. Call the assessors office for more information. (928) 679-7962 | Link to Coconino GIS Tax Info

Further Resources:  Arizona Tax Website

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