Sedona property owners work out in aqua fitness classes.Aqua fitness classes are a great way for those living in a Sedona property to stay or get fit. Aqua fitness, Aqua yoga, and Aqua Zumba® classes are available at 570 Posse Grounds Rd. in Sedona. Classes are from 9:15 to 10 a.m. Monday through Thursday. The cost is $5 per class and each one is limited to 20 participants. It is first come, first served.

Come each day for variation in your workouts or choose your favorite and come once a week. Monday features Aqua Zumba® with Lida. This class combines Zumba® with water resistance. This means that there are fewer impacts on your joints and the natural resistance in the water creates more of a challenge to help tone your muscles. This class is also offered on Tuesdays with Christine as the instructor.

People Living in Sedona Have Several Options for Fitness Classes

On Wednesday, Aqua Fitness with Linder is offered to those living in Sedona. This is a terrific class for all ages and abilities. Participants perform aerobic exercises in the shallow end of the pool. The water resistance makes the exercises more challenging and sometimes dumbbells and noodles are also used. This class allows participants to burn body fat, increase circulation, build stamina, strength, flexibility, and balance, and rehab healing muscles and joints.

Aqua yoga is available on Thursdays with Suzie. This class includes learning stretching poses in the water as well as 25 minutes of cardio and strengthening activities. This will get your blood flowing. At the end of class, there is time to float to center yourself. This is a great way to start your day before heading to work, to run errands, or back to your Sedona property. Read more about the classes, instructors and find more details about aqua fitness and other parks and recreation programs on the Sedona city website