Find out about Sedona medical resources.Sedona is a great city, but it’s on the small side. However, being small doesn’t mean it’s lacking in important facilities. In fact, Sedona medical resources are among the best in the state.

Verde Valley Medical Clinic is part of the Northern Arizona Health system. It’s the place to go to keep everyone living in your Sedona home healthy. Kids can see the pediatricians for well child visits and keep up to date with their vaccines. Students competing on school teams get their sports physical at VVMC. Adults can schedule annual physicals with their primary care physician. Preventive health screenings are available, too, as well as EKG.

In addition, VVMC offers other types of routine care. See a dermatologist, a podiatrist, and other types of doctors. Get care for acute injuries. See one of visiting cardiologists, neurologists, or orthopedists to get specialty care.

Get Great Emergency Care for Anyone in Your Sedona Home

For emergencies, Sedona medical resources shine. The emergency department at VVMC ranks in the 90th percentile or above for Overall Quality of Care. There are four treatment rooms with a total of five beds. Doctors and nurses specially trained to deal with trauma are available at any time.

There is also an innovative program to deal with stroke patients. Patients are seen by a Mayo Clinic neurologist via a secure video connection. The doctor will be able to make a treatment plan, and the staff at VVMC will spring into action for the best results. This program was developed to save stroke patients from having to drive 18 miles into Cottonwood to be evaluated for stroke.

Finally, Verde Valley Medical Clinic has a Cancer Center campus, with a specialty in breast cancer. Sedona Breast Care offers state of the art care for breast cancer patients. The physicians work with Cancer Centers of Northern Arizona Healthcare to get the best treatment for their patients.

Visit Verde Valley Medical Clinic to find out more about their services and to make an appointment.