The real estate market exploded in Sedona.  Throughout the last two months we've seen one glaring issue.  Zillow does not keep it's information up to date.  Let me explain.

As Realtors, we belong to the Multiple Listing Service or MLS. Locally it's the Sedona Verde Valley MLS. All 700 local agents input listings for sale of homes, land, businesses for sale..etc.  The Sedona MLS shares this info with over 100 different vendors.  How often and how those vendors choose to update varies.  Zillow is one of those vendors as well as it's subsidiary Trulia.  They advertise a lot and are quite popular, but they are not the MLS. They exist to sell marketing to agents.  In other words, you sign up with Zillow and they distribute your information to agent for money.

So if they don't update, who's going to call them out on it?  We run into the problem of clients searching Zillow and finding homes that have sold already but are marked as available.  We are seeing homes that have been sold for months.  Unfortunately, many people think Zillow and the MLS are one and the same.

As a members of the Sedona MLS, we have access to the same information.  Our websites and our App are updated every 5 minutes from a feed direct from the MLS.  We don't recommend Zillow or Trulia.  Our recently built app and websites will give you the most accurate information possible.  The app is called Millions Mapped and includes a national home search.  You can contact us directly from inside the app with any questions on property that you may have.  Download the App from your Android or iPhone or text "susan" to 928-433-4705 for the app.