If you buy Sedona AZ real estate get ready to go virtual.Times are a bit uncertain right now. This can make buying Sedona AZ real estate a bit more complicated. However, with some planning and forethought, you can still buy your dream Sedona home and live the life you want. To help you out, we have a few tips for anyone contemplating a move to Sedona.

First you want to make sure it makes financial sense to move. Maybe you’re moving because of your job. Or maybe this is your retirement dream. Just make sure you have a good cushion of savings to take care of anything unexpected. On the other hand, if things are a bit less stable for you, now might not be a great time to move.

Next, you want to go through your current house and give away whatever you’re not using. Lots of us have been at home way more than usual because of the pandemic, so you might have already gotten a jump on this. Remember that the less stuff you have to pack, the faster the job will be and the less money it will cost to move.

Get Ready to Go Virtual to Buy a Sedona Home

When you sell your current house and buy your next one, you will probably want to do as much as you can online or over the phone. Be sure to work with a real estate agent who is available by phone and is tech savvy. They can help you navigate the process as safely as possible. Since so many houses now have virtual tours, this can help you get a feel for the neighborhood without having to visit. However, an experienced agent will be able to steer you toward the neighborhoods that will really suit your needs.

One factor that is pushing some people toward buying a new home, despite some economic uncertainty, are the historically low mortgage rates available right now.

There are a lot of different issues to weigh for anyone buying Sedona AZ real estate in this market. Feel free to give our office a call to get some expert advice! We offer virtual meetings and showings on Skype, FaceTime, and Google Duo.