People from Sedona homes bordering national forest go hiking.People searching for Sedona homes bordering national forest will want to know more about the different possibilities offered by each park. Slide Rock State Park is located about seven miles north of the center of Sedona. This is one of the cool things about Sedona real estate. You don’t have to give up on civilization entirely if you want to live a more rural lifestyle. Just hop in the car, and within 15 minutes, you’re surrounded by amazing restaurants, fine art, culture, shopping, and world-class medical care.

Visit the Pendley Homestead, Fascinating Historic Sedona Real Estate

Slide Rock State Park is on the site of the homestead of Frank Pendley. He arrived in the early 1900s and developed an innovative irrigation system that allowed him to grow an apple orchard. In the 1930s, Pendley built cabins to rent to tourists who came to enjoy the beautiful scenery and explore the area. In 1985, the Arizona Parklands Foundation purchased the Pendley homestead and developed it into a state park.

Today, Slide Rock State Park is popular with tourists and locals alike. In the summer, visitors enjoy sliding down the natural water slides, which give the park its name. Get your swimsuit on, pack an inner tube if you want, and enjoy the excitement of the slippery ride. Shoes are recommended to allow visitors better traction. The summer weather is very hot, so be sure to bring plenty of water. There are no lifeguards, so keep an eagle eye on children and use common sense.

Visitors can also see the Pendley Homestead and historic farm implements. An outdoor gazebo has more information on the house and its development. The apple orchard is still standing, too. The park’s nature trails are fairly short and easy, making them popular with families. Trout is stocked in Oak Creek, upstream of Slide Rock, so anglers can try their luck catching rainbow and brown trout. For people interested in living in Sedona homes bordering national forest, Slide Rock State Park is a treasure.

Visit the park’s website to learn more about activities offered and rules for visitors. Click here to find the most up to date list of homes bordering national forest land.