People living in Sedona buy Loving Bowls.For many people living in Sedona, times are challenging. Many local charities are working harder than ever before. This makes this year’s Loving Bowls event at Sedona Arts Center more important than ever before. The annual event raises money by selling beautiful, handmade ceramic bowls. Smaller bowls are $10, and larger salad bowls are $50. Each one is a stunning work of art and will be a treasure in any Sedona property collection. Not only are they highly collectible, the proceeds go to local charitable groups. These include the Sedona Food Bank, Sedona Community Center, Verde Valley Sanctuary, and Sedona Humane Society. Funds also go to support the center’s art education programs.

Sedona Property Owners Visit the Sedona Arts Center

The Loving Bowls event began in June and will run through December 24th. The bowls would make great gifts to give to family and friends on your list. Treat yourself, too! Over 1500 bowls have been created in many different colors and glazes, so you’re sure to find something that will match your decor. The volunteers and professionals who made them did so with a lot of love, which shines through in each bowl. The Fine Art Gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

After you’ve picked out a Loving Bowl or two, be sure to check out the work of artists living in Sedona. You’ll discover the stunning photography of Bill Belvin and the silver and copper jewelry of April Bower. Art Hiscox combines natural materials with man-made ones to produce pieces that evoke the Sedona landscape. Christie Palmer’s paintings will draw you in with their stunning use of color and texture. These are just a small sampling of the artists whose work is on display. Make it a habit to visit the gallery regularly to get to know Sedona artists.

Visit Sedona Arts Center online to get information on the Loving Bowls fundraiser, upcoming workshops, and current exhibits.