Find the perfect Sedona pool home.As you search for your dream home, you have to think about what your must-haves are. Some people have their hearts set on a Sedona pool home. Others consider a pool a deal-breaker. In our area, Verde Valley pool homes are rather unusual. This is primarily because of our red rock that is near the surface. Some places have enough soil to dig before reaching bedrock.

As you consider whether to opt for a Sedona pool home, keep in mind the pros and cons of having a pool. They require quite a bit of maintenance. Call a few pool companies to find out how much monthly pool care costs. Be sure to add the price to your home buying budget.

You also have to be aware of safety precautions required by law. In any case, a gate that locks is a smart idea to prevent accidents. Be sure to consider what extra costs might be added to homeowners insurance if you have a pool, too.

Verde Valley Pool Homes Offer Tons of Fun

While the extra costs of a pool give some people pause, there are also undeniable benefits. It’s great to be able to swim a few laps whenever you want for relaxing exercise. Impromptu pool parties are always a possibility to cool off with friends during the summer. The look of a pool is also just stunning, especially in contrast to the red Sedona rocks.

Because of the difficulty and expense of installing a pool in Sedona, it’s best to look for a house that already has a pool. If you want a pool but not all the hassle of maintenance, check out some of the master-planned communities in the area. Many have a community pool, as well as other fitness facilities. They can be a great place to gather and make friends.

Give our office a call so we can help you find a great house with a pool or a community with a pool.