Get your Sedona AirBnB in great shape for its online listing.One of the cool things about buying a home in Sedona is how easy it is to help pay the mortgage with a Sedona AirBnB. You can rent out your guestroom or guest house to the many visitors to our beautiful city. The only downside is that there are lots of rentals available, so you need to figure out how to stand out from the crowd. Since people start looking for a short-term rental online, you should invest in high quality photography. You can hire a professional or do it yourself, especially if you have or can borrow a good camera.

Arrange Furniture and Add Accents to Sedona Real Estate When Taking Listing Photos

Before the photoshoot, take time to make sure the interior is looking its best. In the living room, create a conversation area. Move the sofa away from the wall and put two comfy chairs opposite. Add a few colorful throw pillows and a couple of small blankets or quilts. Then add a coffee table in between the chairs and sofa. Put any instructions and information for guests, along with remotes for the TV, into a pretty tray on the coffee table.

Make sure your Sedona AirBnB has plenty of lighting. Table lamps on either side of the bed, floor lamps in the living room, and nice sconces in the dining room will make everything seem brighter and more comfortable. Potted plants (real or faux) in cute containers are inexpensive and add color and personality to any room.

Pay attention to how the art on the walls works with the rest of the furniture. Investing in a few focal pieces will make for memorable photos in your online listing. You don’t have to break the bank. Check local thrift stores, search online for high quality posters, or look at ideas on Pinterest or Houzz for how to create a gallery wall.  

Check out Sedona homes with no HOA fees, as they are the best choice if you want to offer short term rentals in Sedona.