Sedona home owners drink tea at the Chai Spot.If you’re looking for a beautiful place to warm up near your Sedona home, check out the Chai Spot. They offer some unique and delicious chai drinks, as well as yummy snacks. The traditional cardamom chai is black tea, brewed with organic milk, water, and sugar. A sprinkle of green cardamom and fennel are added for a rich, full-bodied flavor. The drink is traditional in both India and Pakistan and is often served after meals. Another delicious drink is the coconut rose chai. It’s completely vegan, too. Black tea is brewed with coconut milk, sugar, and cinnamon, then a shake of nutmeg is added on top. For a chai treat that’s new for most Americans, try butter chai, traditional in Kashmir. It’s a delicate blend of both savory and sweet flavors--green tea, butter, spices, and a hint of salt. You’ll love the deep pink color and the garnish of pistachios and almonds.

Sedona Real Estate Owners Relax in the Beautiful Space

On a hot day, the Sedona real estate location is the perfect spot to find an iced drink to enjoy on the beautifully decorated patio. The iced dirty chai will quench your thirst and perk you up, as it’s a mix of espresso, black tea, fennel, and cardamom. Orange blossom iced green tea has a delicate flavor, made of green tea, cardamom, fennel, and honey. You might also love the Thai iced tea. Start with brewed black tea, add vanilla and sugar, then add a generous splash of half and half or coconut milk.

Round out your treat with a homemade cookie or one of the packaged snacks. Or for a really authentic addition, try a veggie samosa.

The Chai Spot also offers beautiful event spaces. Indoor and outdoor spaces are decorated with richly colored carpets, along with stunningly upholstered cushions. Whether you’re hosting a bridal or baby shower or want a business meeting space, you can find just the right space.

Sedona home owners should visit the Chai Spot online to learn more about the menu, event spaces, and read about the founders’ story and initiatives to help women with job skills.