Eat ice cream near your Village of Oak Creek home.Support a locally owned business by visiting Rocky Rd Ice Cream Co, a short distance from any Village of Oak Creek home. Stop in to experience homemade ice cream and sorbet crafted in small batches. This method produces the most tasty frozen desserts. Look for your favorite flavors or try something new. If you have a special diet, there are vegan and low sugar options. Also try seasonal and gently infused flavors to keep life interesting. Enjoy your ice cream or sorbet in a dish or in a freshly baked waffle cone. As the weather cools down, also try a locally roasted fair trade organic coffee. Come in for dessert after a date, or grab a treat to enjoy at your Village of Oak Creek home to celebrate a special occasion.

The favorite flavors available include rocky road, prickly pear lime sorbet, chocolate, cookies and cream chip, strawberry shortcake, Mexican coffee, matcha mint chip, English toffee, peanut butter fudge chip, and vanilla. The bourbon pecan is made with a touch of alcohol, there is a chocolate chip made with low sugar, and a chocolate almond non dairy ice cream. Seasonal selections are subject to change, but include choices such as mangonada, raspberry chipotle, and sea salt caramel cheesecake. Ice cream floats are also available. Try a classic root beer float, prickly pear float, or a mocha float.

Sedona Real Estate Owners Visit Rocky Rd Ice Cream Co

Rocky Rd Ice Cream Co is located at 7000 State Rte.179 Suite A104 in Sedona. Current hours of operation, which are subject to change, are 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Join owners Paul and Erin Cummo, who opened this shop in May of 2017, for some ice cream. It was their dream to open an ice cream shop in Sedona and they made it happen. The name Rocky Rd not only ties in with the ice cream flavor, but also the rocky roads that lead to adventure in Sedona. All who live in Sedona real estate are invited to learn more about Rocky Rd Ice Cream Co online. Stop in, support this local business, and taste the difference of homemade small batch ice cream.