Sedona property owners explore Honanki Heritage Site.Finding outdoor activities is a must right now and luckily there are many beautiful and historic parks and heritage sites available to visit near any Sedona property. One such place is the Honanki Heritage Site. This site, along with Palatki, were thriving areas of civilization between the years of 1150 and 1350 AD. The Sinagua, who are ancestors of the Hopi, lived at this site. Families hunted nearby, raised crops, gathered plants, prepared meals, and made tools from leather, stone, and wood. Their lives are fascinating and it is very interesting to come visit this site.

The Honanki Heritage Site is open from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day. It’s only closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Be sure to look at the directions on the US Forest Service website before heading out. Honanki is located 17 miles northwest of Sedona. To visit this site, you will need either a Red Rock Pass or an America the Beautiful Pass. If you don’t have either of these, a daily or weekly pass can be purchased on site from a self-serve vending machine. Please leave your pets at your Sedona home, as they are not allowed beyond the parking lot at this site. 

Sedona Home Owners Can Book a Tour and Learn from Experienced Guides

The road leading into the site is a bit rough, but the experience is worth it. Just take it slow. Once you get there, it’s a nice easy hike. There will be some neat drawings and ruins along the trail. If you would like someone else to do the driving, consider booking the Ancient Ruins tour with Pink Adventure Tours. The tour guides are knowledgeable and will give you some extra insight into the site. No matter if you drive yourself or book a tour, enjoy some time away from your Sedona property learning about the past and enjoying nature.