People from Oak Creek Canyon homes ride a hot air balloon.Many house hunters are attracted to Oak Creek Canyon homes because of the stunning natural scenery in the neighborhood. The red rock formations that create the canyon, along with the blue of the creek and the green of the plants along the creek make for picturesque scenes. Anyone who craves quiet and a place in nature will love this area of Sedona real estate. It’s a great place for people who enjoy hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and swimming. Locals can plan any of these activities at a moment’s notice.

For a really special way to experience Oak Creek Canyon and the wider Sedona area, the way to go is a hot air balloon ride. And lucky for people in Sedona, the oldest hot air balloon company is located right here. Northern Light Balloon Expeditions was founded in 1973. The company has an excellent safety track record, and employs only experienced pilots and ground crew members. Most of their balloons have capacity for six or seven passengers, depending on weight. They have also added a 12 passenger balloon, to accommodate larger parties.

See Sedona Real Estate from the Skies as the Sun Rises

Northern Light Balloon Expeditions take off once a day at sunrise, all year round. This means passengers must get up before the sun, but the views and experience are well worth the early rising time. The company is one of two that is permitted to take off from U.S. Forest Service land. Because of the rough terrain, passengers should wear long pants and close-toed shoes. Bring a hat to protect your head from the heat of the flames as the balloon takes off. Dressing in layers is best, as the temperature will get warmer as the trip goes on. You’ll get to enjoy an hour-long trip, drinking in the amazing Sedona scenery in a totally unique way. At the end of the flight, you’ll be served a champagne picnic breakfast, the perfect way to end such a special trip.

Visit Northern Light Balloon Expeditions online to learn more. Call 800.230.6222 or 928.282.2274 to book your flight.