People from Sedona homes go dancing at the park.Celebrate the beauty of your city and have a blast at Dance in the Park on Friday, August 13th. Head to Posse Grounds Pavilion, 525 Posse Ground Road. The event is hosted by the Sedona Public Library and Sedona Dance Academy. Everyone from Sedona homes is welcome, and the event is free. The event will kick off at 6:30 p.m. with a performance by dancers from Sedona Dance Academy. They’ll also be giving dance instruction to all participants who would like it. This is a wonderful all-ages event that brings the community together for fun, fresh air and exercise, and meeting new friends. 

Find More Dancing Opportunities and Library Resources for Sedona Real Estate Owners

Sedona Dance Academy offers a full range of dance classes to kids from Sedona homes. They can start out with Mommy & Me dance classes that focus on coordination and having fun. Children ages three and up start ballet instruction in the Toddler Topaz class. Kids progress through three levels of ballet instruction. They can also take jazz, hip hop, and tap. The instructors at the academy, Jessica Phillips and Kirstyn Lazur, are both highly trained professional dancers with many years of teaching experience. Classes begin the week of August 23rd and run through December 18th. Most classes are held in the afternoon and won’t interfere with regular school hours. Learn more and register at the Sedona Dance Academy website

The Sedona Public Library is a great resource for Sedona real estate owners. The library has a great collection of books, periodicals, music, and movies. There are also tons of electronic resources. In addition, the library hosts both virtual and in-person events for all ages. Toddlers attend story time in the park and music mornings, school age kids get into science activities and chess club, and people of all ages can learn conversational Spanish. Visit the Sedona Public Library website to learn more about upcoming events, get a library card, and use electronic resources.