Hike near Chapel Area homes on Little Horse Trail.For people who enjoy peace and quiet, as well as great hiking, Chapel Area homes are a great fit. The area is known for several Sedona area landmarks. The Chapel of the Holy Cross lends its name to the residential neighborhood. The Catholic chapel is built into the red rock and is a stunning intersection of the natural and man-made. Cathedral Rock is also close by, and the trail to get to the formation is right in the neighborhood.

Chapel Area homes are also called Little Horse Park for the Little Horse trail. That trailhead is just across highway 179 from the Cathedral Rock trailhead. The hike begins 0.2 miles south of the United Methodist Church, 3.6 miles from the intersection of highways 179 and 89. Little Horse trail begins as part of the Bell Rock Pathway. Follow the sign at the fork to the left after a quarter mile. Along the way, you’ll have panoramic views of Courthouse Butte and Twin Buttes. This is a great hike to do with kids or if you just want something gentle. It has an easy rating and takes about two hours. In all, the trail is a three-mile loop. Mountain bikes are allowed, as well as foot traffic. If you are interested in a longer or more challenging hike, Little Horse trail connects to the Chapel Trail and the Jim Bryant Trail (no bikes allowed on this one, though).

Sedona Real Estate Owners Get a Red Rock Pass for Lots of Hiking

Whatever route you choose, be sure to leave your Sedona real estate with a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of water and snacks. There is not much shade, and it gets pretty hot in the summer. Early morning or evening hikes are the best choice when it’s hot. In order to park at the trailhead, you will need a Red Rock Pass or America the Beautiful Pass. A daily Red Rock Pass is $5, but an annual pass is only $20. Either way, it will be valid on National Forest land around Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. Get more information on the Little Horse Trail at the National Forest website.