Sedona home owners are heat safe.Sedona is a fun place to explore in summertime. There are tons of interesting places to hike near any Sedona home. Many different creatures come out in the early morning or at dusk. Nature lovers who own Sedona real estate can sit on their patio, sip a cup of tea or glass of wine, and observe jack rabbits, birds, lizards, and other creatures. Camping is another popular activity. And of course, there’s the tradition of making s’mores around the campfire after dinner.

Sedona Real Estate Owners Take Extra Water When Hiking in the Heat

Because Sedona is in the desert, people have to be mindful when they are out and about. The Sedona Fire Department reminds hikers to take appropriate precautions to avoid heat stroke or heat exhaustion. When you’re active outdoors in the heat, be sure to take plenty of water for everyone in the group. Kids and the elderly have to be especially careful. Wear lightweight clothing and a hat. Fabrics that wick sweat are recommended. If you start to feel light headed or nauseated, get to a cool place as quickly as possible. Hiking in the early morning or at dusk is the best time, since the temperatures are lower.

When the weather heats up, winds rise, and everything is very dry, we have to take extra precautions to prevent wildfires. One of the best things you can do is to clear brush around your Sedona home. Having a clear perimeter of 15 feet will help keep your house safe. If you are camping, be sure to follow all instructions about campfires. Always have a bucket of water ready to douse the flames. Be sure the fire is out completely when you are done.

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